In The Beginning…

Sunday, February 3rd, 2013

I live with Hank, my former husband of 25 years, his girlfriend Valerie and my lover O and all our kids. Three years ago we converted our single family home into a duplex and moved our lovers O and Valerie in. Hank and I now live side by side, with our children and our new partners.

How did we get here?

What are we doing?

How does it work?

My blogs will address these questions.

Fifteen years ago I was being initiated by a spiritual teacher. One of the things she made clear was that I must speak the truth at all times. My words must be aligned with my actions. If I didn’t do this my words would have no power to create results in the world.

Telling the truth about everything was a fascinating practice. It wasn’t that I was an avid liar. But I did find myself telling little white lies when I was running late or how about how much I spent on an article of clothing. Why lie about these small things? I noted that if I examined any impulse to lie, it would lead me straight into parts of myself that I felt ashamed of, scared of, or compelled stifle.

As time went on I focused on the bigger reservoirs of myself that I was lying about but virtue of omission. Sex, desire, and longing were especially charged. I started a practice of telling the truth to myself and a trusted friends who had no investment in the situation.

Knowing your truth, means you know yourself. Speaking your truth (with judicious kindness) creates a life that is a unique expression of who you are. When we regularly express and act on who we are, our life is aligned with our values—and this brings true happiness.

Speaking my truth was my first step towards creating a satisfying life with my new family.

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