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Multiamory & Gracie X Podcast on “Parenting and Being Poly”

Can a person be a “cheater” in an open marriage? Although the word “cheating” is not my linguistic style–people cheat at checkers but marriage is not a game–it is possible to screw up all your agreements in an open marriage. Watch this video to figure out how to remedy those blunders.

Often times people in sexless marriage feel their only choices are an affair or a divorce. Creating an open relationship can feel very risky even to propose. This video addresses the topic of how to remedy a sexless marriage.

Compersion is a polyamorous word for the feeling of happiness when your beloved gets pleasure with someone else. Its a great concept but when is it realistic to expect to feel it?

Here is information on all the different ways you can do ethical non-monogamy. Swinging, polyamory, polyfidelity are some categories. But remember these are just ideas–labels are for cans of soup. Do it your way!

Compersion is an amazing way to love and be loved. It is a feeling of happiness when your lover or spouse experiences pleasure–with someone else. In this video I talk about how my husbands attractions can turn me on, as well as give me pleasure.

Compersion is a term that originated in a polyamorous commune in San Francisco. It is the feeling of having pleasure when your partner has sex with someone else. However, compersion can encompass a lot more than that, the ideology behind compersion is about acknowledging your partner’s separate sexuality, the notion that we don’t “own” people but love them, being happy when your partner thrives even if that means when they are apart from you.

Defining what love means for yourself helps create relationships in which you feel aligned and satisfied with your partners. Here’s some information on getting a clear meaning about what love looks like in action.

Some people believe​​ that lying in your marriage is the only way to stay married. Gracie X disagrees and shares her practice of (gently!) telling the truth with the intention to be closer. When we are able to share our most authentic selves with the people we love most in the world –our relationships have the possibility to become even greater.​

Much has been written lately about polyamorous people and their ability to have loving multi-partnered relationships–whats their secret? Even if you have no interest in polyamory, here are some tips from people who are able to make multiple relationships work. Key elements are communication, similar values and a great sexual connection are some of the tips from poly people. This video focuses on how regular sex helps a relationship thrive.

Many people are talking about how this century’s version of Polyamory has a feminist bent to it–in a spontaneous camera check improvisation–this video depicts (with humor) the new wave of woman empowered open marriage.

Communication, and showing up with artistry in your relationship can create a deeper bond which could allow for more openness. Here are two important daily practices to help keep your relationship connected and loving.

Our relationships have the potential to heal us. Therapy is a useful tool to utilize, but what if our relationships were also therapeutic? Sometimes in a relationship we get so turned around we lose the ability to be vulnerable and trust our partners. This video examines components to practice on a daily basis that can keep us deeply bonded and helping each other evolve.

This video talks about creating your own relationship doctrine, transparency in multi-partnered relationships, being sex positive and relationship as a path of growth. For more about this, come and read my post about “4 Polyamorous Principles to Create Healthy Relationships”.

You may be new to polyamory–but you are not new to knowing what you want and what you need. Here’s help for setting up a lifestyle that fits who you are.

Most of us strive to do our relationships perfectly–but here’s some stories about what it can really feel like to go through a bout of jealousy, and why ultimately a little jealousy can be a positive experience.

Jealousy can be a part of having openness in your relationship, but it does not have to be a negative. There are ways to explore jealousy so that it can shape your relationship positively. Here are some tools to deepen your relationship and make agreements that work for everyone.

One of the most exciting things about the evolution happening in marriage is the idea that we can create agreements in our marriages that uniquely suit our needs. Finding out what your “relationship doctrine” is then designing your marriage with your spouse can be a truly fulfilling journey.

More on what it feels like to cash in a ‘golden ticket”. A polyamorous gal lets her hair down. When there is openness in a marriage, each person takes turns with receiving the ‘golden ticket’ and using the ‘golden ticket’. In this video my husband gives me a ticket and watch him squirm! For more about this, come and read my post: “Golden Tickets Part Two: More True Confessions of a Polyamorous Gal.

A Poly girl lets her hair down, what’s it really like to let your man go off and play. What heightens the attraction to each other in a long term relationship? Does a little openness foster genuine appreciation of each other and an ongoing erotic love? For more about this, come and read my post about Being Poly: Cashing in the Golden Ticket”.